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07.01.17 New Christmas litter come! 2 boys and the girl, all are seal color.  More info at the Kitten page.

08.05.16 New and second in my own breeding Junior Winner - RU*Bonbon Azur Aramis, SNB n, male! I'm so happy for this lovely boy!


Congratulations to my dear Madelene ( RU*Bonbon Azur Her Birman Majesty,JW) : she got the highest FIFe title Supreme Champion finally at the age of 6 y.o.

New B2-litter was born on the 17th of November 2015. More info at the "Kitten" page.




New litter-A2 was born on the 23 of September. More info at the kitten page!


Sacred Birman booth at Infokot-2015 catshow in Moscow.


First 2015 litter arrieved on the 30 of April - one sweetest boy RU*Bonbon Azur Zephyr!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, dear friends!

17.11.14 World Cat Show FIFe in Prague. I am so proud for my sweet RU*Bonbon Azur San-Souci: she got CAC and Best in Variety! So many Birman friends were there, Great Show!

14.06.14 My cattery is 10 years! So happy to be with my friends and beautiful Birmans all this years!

11.06.14 New kittens photos ( RU*Bonbon Azur San-Souci, SBIn x CH RU*Yuha Neige de Saphir, SBIc) at the age 8 weeks old. More info on the "Kitten" page.

07.04.14 My new small creature from Switzerland, cattery von Achor*CH - Zlata, SBIn. Thank you, dear Gabriela , for such tender girl! 


03.12.13 New born kittens 3 weeks old . Wellcome babies!


New litter "S" was born in the cattery on the 23 of December - two boys and two girls! More information at the Kitten page.

In December 2012 I joined the Sacred Birman Estonian Breed Club. It's a pleasure to be there with my good friends and to promote out lovely Birmans!






Congratulations to my princess - IC RU*Bonbon Azur Her Birman Majesty, JW, Madlene - CAGCIB at the World Cat Show 2012 in Zagreb, Croatia!

No free kittens at the moment.




We have the new litter "R". More information at the Kitten page.

On the 6-7 October the cattery took part at the Moscow catshow Expokot. Our results: EC Tortie-Taiga von Achor*CH  both days CAP, BIS neuter. Congratulations, my dear Mother-Queen! IC RU*Bonbon Azur Her Birman Majesty - BIV, 2 x CAGCIB; IC S*Rawalpindi's Damokles - 2x CAGCIB; CH RU* Bonbon Azur Mon Amour - 2 CACIB.


Only two babies still available but I'm so lucky that others found their lovely famalies this year!


The Nomination "Best Style" for Birman booth at Infokot catshow in Moscow.

Kittens information updated here!



We have got three litters in the cattery this spring. Hot kitten's news here.

My darling female Belka ( EC Tortie-Taiga von Achor*CH) was 8 years in April and she was neutered after the last litter. Congratulations,  Belochka! Thank you again to Gabriela Kamber for such outstanding cat!








Happy New 2012 Year!

New info and photos were added to Show, Males and Females pages.




Russian cat's magazine "Moi droug koshka", September 2011, is devoted to Sacred Birmans. Different opinions of the breeders from Germany, Denmark, Italy, Russia, USA you could read there.


Catshow in Jelgava, Latvia on the 25-26 of July and our results:

RU*Bonbon Azur Mon Amour: 2 x EX1, 2 x NOM BIS! Congratulations to my co-owner Oxana Bakhtina with first  Amour's achivments! S*Rawalpindi's Damokler Jr. : 2 x EX1.

Updates at the "Our male" and "Kittens".




24.06.11 New photos at the Kitten page.

14.06.11 New litter N was born on the 14 of May! Happy first month, babies!

MEET the BREED, 4-5 of June 2011, Moscow.

S*Rawalpindi's Damokles Jr. has been at the first Catshow in Moscow, both days EX1. The short video here.

"Kittens", "Our males" and "Shows" pages're updated.


02.05.11 "Our females" and "Kittens" pages were updated.

18.04.11 New photos at the  "Kittens" page! New photos of Rawalpindi's Damokles Jr. - Karlusha!

10.04.11 Congratulations to Madlene and Irina Khaut: RU*Bonbon Azur Her Birman Majesty, JW is International Champion FIFe after the Catshow in Moscow!

27.03.11 "Our males" and "Kittens" pages were updated!


Breaking news: Rawalpindi's Damokles Jr., chocolate pointed male kitten from wellknown and respected Sweden cattery just arrieved! Many thanks to Birgitta Strandberg for so beautiful and lovely baby-boy! On the picture you see the breeder and her kittens ( Damokles - right).

06.03.11 Kitten's photos! Kittens

I am really pleased for the election as a member to the Sacred Birmans Breed Council at FIFe, thank you!


We lost our darling Vikugna. She died on the 15th of February and left us one small baby after ... Rest in Peace, my Cinderella at heart!

Memory page.

Updates at the "Kittens"

11.01.11 Updates at the "Our males" page.

06.12.10 Congratulations to Elena Gorlova and PR RU*Bonbon Azur Fantozzi! Both days NOM BIS and CAPIB at the catshow in Moscow





07.11.10 My seal tabby girl IC RU*Bonbon Azur Gaufrette was chosen as one of the 50 Best cats in Russia according the ProPlan Champions Cup!

14.09.10 Our sweet RU*Bonbon Azur Gaufrette got 2 CACIB at the catshow in Riga last weekend and close the title International Champion!

My new arcticle about Sacred Birmans in magazine Droug cats September 2010.

24.08.10  Plans were added at the "Kittens" page.

08.07.10 Updates at the "Kittens" and " Pics of the Day" pages.

16.06.10 Once again Madlene charmed the judges at the Catshow in Cesis, Latvia on the 12-13 of June. RU*Bonbon Azur Her Birman Majesty, JW - both days NOM BIS, BIV on Sunday amoung excellent Finnish Birmans and first title Champion!

New photos of K-litter and Show were added.

24.05.10 I am really happy today -  young female RU*Bonbon Azur Her Birman Majesty, JW got BIS on Saturday and Best of Best I on Sunday at the Catshow in Moscow ! Congratulations to her owner Irina Khaut! Also my darling EC Vikugna von Achor got NOM BIS on Saturday!

SC Ricardo Blue von Dinau - Best male at the Special Birman Show! Bonbon Azur Her Birman Majesty - Best female!

New photos of K-litter and Show were added.


07.05.10 New babies K-litter arrived ! See kitten's page.

14.04.10 New kittens photos here.

07.04.10 Congratulations to RausHojden's Pushkin with Grand International Champion title. This weekend Pushkin got also twice BIV ( amoung 5 seal Birmans) and NOM BIS on Saturday at the catshow in Moscow!

22.03.10 New kittens ( RU*Bonbon Azur Gaufrette x RusHojden's Pushkin*SE) were borm on the 12 of March. First photos here.

Congratulations to Zuzana Dominikova ( cattery Blue Spring*CZ) and her sweet girl RU*Bonbon Azur Irene with huge achivments at the Catshow in Prague last weekend : Irene - the Best Blue Cat (6-10 month) at the Show!

23.02.10 My first Junior Winner at the Cattery - Bonbon Azur Her Birman Majesty ( Madlene)! Last weekend at the catshow in Minsk, Belarus Madlene got twice Best in Show!

RausHojden's Pushkin got 2x CAGCIB and NOM BIS, BIV in Minsk! Photos in "Shows".

09.02.10 Our plans were added at the "Kitten" page.

 New "Pics of the Day".

18.01.10 Catshow this weekend in Moscow. I am very proud again with our youngster - Her Birman Majesty, blue-pointed girl. She got Best in Show on Sunday! Congratulations to her owner Irina Khaut. Also our sweet cream boy Fantozzi got his NOM BIS on Sunday as well as CAP and CAPIB. Congratulationds to Elena and Mikhail! S*Raus Hojden's Pushkin - both days CAGCIB! Photos in Shows.

08.12.09 Catshow in Moscow, 5-6 December and our results: EC Tortie-Taiga von Achor - NOM BIS, 2xHP; SC Ricardo Blue von Dinau - 2xHP;   IC S*Raus Hojden's Pushkin - 2xCAGCIB;  RU*Bonbon Azur Her Birman Majesty - Best in Show, 2x BIV!

Photos in "Shows".


New arcticle about our young male Puhkin-S*Raus Hojden's Pushkin at the cat magazine Droug December 2009.

14-15.11.09 Catshow in Tallinn, Estonia. Congratulations to K.Velkenpert and  RU*Bonbon Azur Bliss с NOM BIS, to A.Parts and RU*Bonbon Azur Gouttelette с 2хCACIB !




 Switzerland,  St.Gallen, FIFe World Show and our results: S*RausHojden's Pushkin - CACIB, RU*Bonbon Azur Her Birman Majesty - EX1 ( class 12) in competition!






Congratulation to Victoria Bogdan and IC RU*Bonbon Azur Colombina with 2xBIS at the Catshow in Kiev, Ukraine!

17.10.09 Updates at "Our males" and "Our females" pages.



05.10.09 Catshow in Moscow, 3-4 October, and our results:

RU*Bonbon Azur Gaufrette - NOM BIS, RU*Bonbon Azur Fantozzi - 2xNOM BISS*RausHojden's Pushkin - 2xNOM BIS, RU*Bonbon Azur Her Birman Majesty - Best in Show!


Congratulations to our darling RuasHojden's Pushkin - both days at the Catshow in Riga, Latvia he got Best in Show and BIV on Sunday! Our sweet Bonbon Azur Gaufrette - 2 CAC at first time!

Also many greetings to Valda Tomsone and Merville ( the daughter of Ricardo) - Best of Best I ! Photos soon...

Photos in "Shows".


Russian cat's magazine Droug ( a Friend), September 2009 issue is dedicated to Sacred Birmans!

On the top page "RuasHojden's Pushkin conquers Russia !"


Congratulatins to Andres and RU*Bonbon Azur Gouttelette with NOM BIS and CAC both days at the catshow in Tallinn on the 15-16 of August!

02.08.09 New photos of H and I litters at the "Kitten" page.

16.07.09 New photos of Pushkin and Ricardo

06.07.09 I-litter arrieved last Friday ( SC Ricardo Blue von Dinau x EC Vikugna von Achor) . New photos of H-pride were added.

29.06.09 H-litter arrieved on the 15 of June. News at the "Kitten" page.

04.06.09 New photos to "Gallery" were added.

26.05.09 23-24 of May, Catshow in Tallinn. RausHojden's Pushkin was nominated on Sunday, got Best in variety. Thanks to Veiko Saarela!... And finally - Best in Show! Photos in "Shows".

12.05.09 New photos of RU*Bonbon Azur Gaufrette at the age of 8 month were added, see here

05.05.09 Last weekend we were at the Catshow FIFe in Moscow, club Supercats. Please take a look on video: http://rutube.ru/tracks/1853153.html?v=8ebd85c49b774b9e6eadb0de9831e41b!


I am so happy with our newborn grand children in Czech cattery Laty Mery. Congratulations Ivana and mom Ksju (RU*Bonbon Azur Esenia )!New page

The Breed was added


Catshow FIFe in Moscow , 5 cats from the cattery took part in competition. Our results:

SC Ricardo Blue von Dinau - Best in Show, CACS and Supreme Champion title! Greetings to Olga, Gitti and Willi ( von Dinau). Ricardo is the third cat in the cattery awarded with highest FIFe title!

EC Tortie-Taiga von Achor - both days NOM BIS, HP

RU*Bonbon Azur Fantozzi - both days ЕХ1. Greetings to Funt owners Elena and Mikhail !

RU*Bonbon Azur Gaufrette - EX1 both days, NOM BIS on Sunday.

S*Ruas Hojden's PushkinBest of Best III at first day and Best of Breed at Special Birman Show on Sunday.

Photos in "Shows".

Supreme Champion Ricardo Blue von Dinau!

Best of Best III Raus Hojden's Pushkin!


We have small jewel from Sweden now -Raus Hojden's Pushkin! He come from Lena's Ekstrom cattery Raus Hojden's. Thank you, Lena, for so beautiful baby!


20 Anniversary of Felinolog club (Minsk, Belorus) Catshow this weekend. Warmest congratulations to Mrs.S.Stolyarova!

GIC Ricardo Blue von Dinau got both days his CACS and won Best of Best on Saturday! Many greetings to Olga and Gitti & Willy (von Dinau)!

RU*Bonbon Azur Gaufrette - both days BIS Kitten! Photos in "Shows".

I am also pleased with first show achievement of pretty RU*Bonbon Azur Gouttelette - NOM BIS at the catshow in Tallinn! Congratulations, Andres!

New photos of Fantozzi ( Funt) and Ebenezer Dorset esquire (Benchik) this winter days in "Gallery".


We were at the Show in Samara (Russia). Our sweet kitty RU*Bonbon Azur Gaufrette was twice nominated (Y.Roca-Folch and F.Capra). Photos in "Shows".


Catshow in Prague. Our darling RU*Bonbon Azur Esenia ( Ksju) got her second CACIB from Mr.Y.Roca-Folch! Congratulation to Ivana and cattery Laty Mery! Photos in "Shows".


Catshow FIFe in Moscow. Our results: EC Tortie-Taiga von Achor - 2 NOM BIS, 2 HP; GIC Ricardo Blue von Dinau - NOM BIS, 2 CACE; RU*Bonbon Azur Gaufrette - NOM BIS, 2 EX1 (class 12), RU*Bonbon Azur Fantozzi - 2EX1 ( class 12), RU* Bonbon Azur Gouttelette - 2 EX1 ( class 12). Thanks for so pleasant judging to Mr.H.Hornell and Mrs.T.Kaas! Photos in "Shows".


New kitten's photos are added! Our sweet Ru*Bonbon Azur Fantozzi left the cattery. Be happy, Babyboy!


EC Tortie-Taiga von Achor was proud to be among other 50 Best Cats in Russia at the Champion Cup of ProPlan 2008 ( Nestle-Purina).

EC Tortie-Taiga von Achor with Olga

Queen with mom!

Champions of the ProPlan Cup!

Birman's Beauty!


Updates at the Kittenpage .


Updates at the Kittenpage and Gallery


This weekend we participated in the big catshow ( more then 1200 pets) in Moscow.  GIC Ricardo Blue von Dinau: Saturday - CACE ( W.Sattler), Sunday- CACE, NOM BIS!


Updates at the Kittenpage


New G-litter has arrivied on the 31 of August. 4 tender G-girls! 

Congratulations to Merete Haahr and her Ebenezer Dorset esquire with NOM BIS in Aalborg (Denmark) on Sunday 07.09.2008!


New photos of RU*Bonbon Azur Colombina and RU*Bonbon Azur Cipollino in Gallery.


New F-litter has arrivied on the 13 of August. One stuff F-boy.


Today RU*Bonbon Azur Esenia got her first FIFe title - Champion at 11 month old ( judge L.Burani, EX1, CAC). Congratulations to Ivana Roznerova!

Started photo Gallery section at the site.


New profi photos of RU*Bonbon Azur Esenia (SBI g) at 11 month, lives in Czech Republik, cattery Laty Mery, owner Ivana Roznerova


EC Vikugna von Achor at the FIFe catshow,  SuperCats club on the 26-27 of April in Moscow got 2 NOM and ... finally BOS on Sunday !


Last weekend we were at the FIFe show in Moscow. Our female EC Vikugna von Achor*CH got NOM BIS from the judge M.Kabina!

... then we told some "myau" to TV correspondent and... slept!


Moscow channel weekly cats magazine issue was released today on our cattery.


This weekend our young tortie RU*Bonbon Azur Esenia and her owner Ivana Roznerova ( cattery Laty Mery) were  at Tortie show in Prague. Big lack... and thanks to the judge Mrs. V.Riznar-Resetik for EX1 ( junior class) and to many breeders who highly estimated her!


International catshow in Minsk (Belarus) on the 2-3 of February: Ebenezer Dorset esquire -Ex1, EC Tortie-Taiga von Achor - HP!


New photos of our sweet lady RU*Bonbon Azur Barbara


New photos of Ebenezer Dorset esquire at the Kitten page.

19-20 January at the SUROK catshow in Helsinki our male GIC Ricardo Blue von Dinau got his 2 CACE!!!


Congratulations to Victoria Bogdan and her Colombina with first litter (cattery DiMak'S)

New Duquesa's photos at her home were added to Kitten page.