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You are fall in love with Sacred Birmans, you...have be here!

Rather the cattery isn't big I normally have 2-3 litters a year. All kittens are registrated at FIFe ( Federation International Feline). Kids could leave the cattery at the age of 12 weeks or more, fully vaccinated against virusis, inspected by veterinarian, skillful to get meal by themselves and use the toilet place. I sell the kittens to people who will be carring them in a good conditions, with a good mealplan and in time veterinarian control and vaccination. No kitten's sale via internet. Personal contact is required.

How much cost our kittens:

Bonbon Azur kittens are invaluable! But... If you want to buy somebody from the cattery you have to understand that value depends on our expenses for pair mating, health control, vaccinations, microchiping as well as for food costs. We also spend our time and efforts to participate in international catshows. Kittens born in the cattery could have different breeding class inspite of that we bring  them up with love. We sell healthy kids only.

Would you like to buy a kitten from the Cattery? Please send the e-mail or make a call. No kitten sale via internet , personal contact  required.




No free kittens at the moment. Next litters in summer 2017.

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