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Our females

EC & IP Tortie-Taiga von Achor*CH   


Female, neutered at 8 years.
SBI g 
blue-cream point
date of birth: 24.04.2004
Sire: GIC DK*Backkaras Oliver, SBI d21
Dam: IC Graffity von Achor*CH, SBI j 

Blood type А; FeLV, FIV, FIP negative (22.10.2011)

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Name Tortie-Taiga

Born in Swiss Alps this girl got quite an unusual  for the place Russian name Taiga( means the wild northern forest). Hence her fate has been fixed long before she come to live in Russia.

Home name is Belka( whity or squirrel). She is really quite whity in body. Moreover Belka is a real majeordome - even small and twisty- she is in charge of everything and needs to lead everyone- from kittens to ourselves. She is a great mommy feeding kittens up to 3 months, teaching them and caring all necessary skills to have.

GIC RU*Bonbon Azur Gaufrette

SBI n21 
seal-tabby point
date of birth: 31.08.2008
Sire: SC Ricardo Blue von Dinau, SBI a
Dam: EC Vikugna von Achor*CH, SBI n21 

Blood type A; FeLV, FIV negative (31.05.2014)

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Name Gaufrette

Gaufrette is translation from French and means "small wafer". Wafers were invented by the cook of prince Geoffrey de Liege in 18 century. With lot of  transparent treacle, fragrant vanilla, they simply melt in the mouth.


Our Gaufrette is the first girl born in our cattery whom we have decided to leave with ourselves. She is very sweet and funny. The kitty is small yet, but her character is swept already up: she uses the appeal and asks someone's attention all the time, very talkative (that was showed since first minutes of her life - been born it there and then has begun to squeak!). Her voice is thin and gentle. Sometimes we call her peepy and normally - Fanya, since she is so ridiculous and charming.

SC RU*Bonbon Azur Her Birman Majesty, JW

SBI a 
Blue point

date of birth: 15.06.2009
Sire: SC Ricardo Blue von Dinau, SBI a
Dam: EC Tortie-Taiga von Achor*CH, SBI g 

Blood type: А; FeLV, FIV, FIP negative (29.10.2011)

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Name Her Birman Majesty

Her Britannic / Birman Majesty's service - not just the words for our cat Queen. She was born to be the Queen - Her Birman Majesty with all her royal beauty, sharm and possession! And we are always in HBM service!

Our Queen was quite a bumpy ride in her little cat's life. She was named Madlene in her former home, where she was bought as a kitten. She got there her French nick name. But still, she's - our Queen, Her Majesty. It is true that the Queen without the Kingdom - just " a sound" and ... she come back to her native  Birman kingdom after 2 years of absence ... I am so happy!

CH RU*Bonbon Azur Lili Marleen

Female, neutered,  
SBI n 
seal point
date of birth: 08.02.2011
Sire: SC RU*Milamos Albert, JW, DVM, SBI n
Dam: GIC RU*Bonbon Azur Gaufrette, SBI n21 

Blood type A?

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Name Lili Marleen

...old German song

Unsere beide Schatten
Sah’n wie einer aus
Daß wir so lieb uns hatten
Das sah man gleich daraus
Und alle Leute soll’n es seh’n
Wenn wir bei der Laterne steh’n
|: Wie einst Lili Marleen. :|

CH RU*Bonbon Azur San-Souci

SBI n 
seal point
date of birth: 24.12.2012
Sire: IC RU*Bonbon Azur Mon Amour, SBI n21
Dam: RU*Bonbon Azur Nuance, SBIg

Blood type: А? 

FIV, FeLV negative ( 02.02.2014)

HCM free ( 01.02.2014)

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Zlata von Achor*CH

SBI n 
seal point
date of birth: 18.09.2013
Sire: Fantastic Big-Ben von Achor*CH, SBI n21  Dam: Charming Doll von Achor*CH, SBI f21

Blood type: А? 

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