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Our males

GIC RU*Bonbon Azur Mon Amour

 SBI n21 
seal tabby point
Date of bith: 14.02.2011
Sire: SC RU*Milamos Albert, JW, DVM, SBI n
Dam: EC Vikugna von Achor*CH, SBI n21

FeLV, FIV - negative, 31.05.2014

PKD (gene test)- negative, 10.12.2011


Blood type: А ?

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 Name  Amour

Omnia vincit amor et noc cedamus amori. Pablius Vergilius.

All wins Cupid, we submit and love. Virgil.

Young god triumphs over all. Cupid had power over everything: the art and sience, military prowess, power and even people's feelings.

IC S*Rawalpindi's Damokles Jr.

Male, neutered
 SBI b 
chocolate point
Date of bith: 24.12.2010
Sire: S*Lyckotassens Fine Magnus, SBI n21
Dam: IC S*Rawalpindi's Dancing Queen, SBI b 

FeLV, FIV, FIP - negative, 22.10.2011

PKD (gene test)- negative, 22.10.2011

Blood type: А(rapid test)

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Name Damokles

Δαμοκλης (Damokles) was derived from δαμος (damos) "the people"  and κλεος (kleos) "glory". In Greek legend Damocles was a member of the court of Dionysius , the king of Syracuse. Damocles expressed envy of the king's life so Dionysius offered to to sit at the king's seat for a day. The legend is often told as a reminder that for a powerful man, there's always danger, although the real point of the story is that happiness is fragile.

In my cattery we got the new, very beautiful male. We nick him Karlusha & shall call him Charles Gustav when he becomes older! All this is  in honor of the well-known Swedish king as Karlusha has come from Sweden. I am very grateful to Birgitta Strandberg, cattery Rawalpindi's, who trusted me to take this little, fluffy piece of happiness! Boy’s character  is quite balanced, he’s playful, very tender and obedient though, as all the kids he can play pranks. I hope this cat will worthy continue male breeding line of my cattery as many of  very known and precious lines of Sacred Birmans constitute his family tree.

RU*Bonbon Azur Fantozzi

Male, neuter
 SBI e 
cream point
Date of bith: 13.08.2008
Sire: SC Ricardo Blue von Dinau, SBI a
Dam: EC Tortie-Taiga von Achor*CH, SBI g

Blood type: А 

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Name Fantozzi

"Fantozzi contro tutti" and 9 movies more about Fantozzi - is cult  Italian comedy and saga of unlucky and funny clerk wondered with his life . So, our cat Fantozzi also suprised everybody to become first Show Birman neuter in Russia

Home nickname is Funt, Funtik - very kind and devoted to mistress boy. His character is the reflection of  best Birmans features  - tenderness, quickness , delicacy. Funt lives with Elena and Mikhail Gorlov in Moscow, they love and take supercare of this wonderful boy!