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22-23 of August 2015. Cattery Bonbon Azur*RU at Infokot-2015 and our Sacred Birman booth there!

03-04 December 2011. FIFe, Moscow.

Supreme Champions Ring by Royal Canin and EC Tortie-Taiga von Achor*CH,

Belka, around 8 y.o. ! Best of the Breed ! Thanks to Gabriela Kamber for this Creature!

24-25 September 2011 the cattery took part at the wonderful Expokot Show in Moscow.

Birman ring. Best of Breed -IC RU*Bonbon Azur Her Birman Majesty! Hi, Irina, hi, Madlene!

Birman ring- at the panel IC RU*Bonbon Azur Gaufrette!

My cattery Bonbon Azur*RU

BIV: S*Rawalpindi's Damokles - Karlusha!

MEET the BREED, Infokot-2011, TICA show, Moscow. Birmans were presented by 2 catteries: Neige de Saphir*RU and Svetlana Yaremenko, Bonbon Azur*RU and Tatiana Chulochnikova. Our booth with Buddah and six sacred cats!

Birman breed Presentation at the FIFe show in Moscow on the 21 of May 2011.

The judge S.Bruin and S*Rawalpindi's Damokles Jr.

Russian Birmans with the judge and breeders.

22-23 of May 2010 Forest Show, FIFe in Moscow.

BIS and BOB I  - RU*Bonbon Azur Her Birman Majesty, JW ( Madlene)

Could we touch Her Majesty?

Show Winner and Her Majesty support !

Proud EC Vikugna v.Achor

Vikugna at the Panel - NOM BIS!

"steward" at the Birman Special - Mrs.Tellervo Kaas

Best Birman male Ricardo Blue v.Dinau

Breeders before Birman Show

Lena Nordstrom and Russian breeders


16-17 of January 2010. Catshow, SuperCats, FIFe, Moscow

RU*Bonbon Azur Her Birman Majesty - Best in Show!

Madlene and judge L.Coste (FR)

S*RausHojden's Pushkin and judge A.Woelm (DE)

Young male Pushkin

RU*Bonbon Azur Fantozzi and owner Elena

Funt is judging by L.Coste

5-6 of December 2009. Catshow "Sodruzestvo" FIFe, Moscow

Belka's dreams

Belka and judge B.Wikstrom

Ricardo under Wikstrom's hands

Gentle Kai Ruonala and sweet Madlene at the Panel

It's me - Supreme Champion Ricardo Blue von Dinau!

...and me, mademoiselle Madlene

24-25 October 2009, World Show ,S.Gallen

Her Birman Majesty and judge A.Nissen

RausHojden's Pushkin and judge W.Sattler

Blue-pointed kittens competition for title

And... ЕХ1 !

12-13 of September 2009, FIFe Catshow in Riga, Latvia

BIS, BIV RuasHojden's Pushkin

Birman team with our favorite H-S.Sneum and show Winner!

Show Winner Merville ( owner Valda Tomsone, Riga)!

Judges and Winners!