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Pedigree Gaufrette

RU*Bonbon Azur Gaufrette, d.b. 31.08.2008

owner-breeder: T.Chulochnikova

GIC Ricardo Blue v. Dinau, SBI a, 2006-04-23, -/RU


EC Enzo du Templier, SBI a, 2003-06-14 World CH Mikado v. St. Boniface, SBI n, 2000-01-22 CH Johnatan v. Cherubien, SBI b, DE/-
Mira v. St. Boniface, SBI n
GIC Nikita du Templier, SBI n, 1999-04-30 CH Hunter de la Molina, SBI b
GIC Bocita du Templier, SBI a
IC Saskia Lovely Birma, SBI n, 2001-03-06 CH De Rohan's Bleu-Maurice, SBI a GIC Las Perlas-Sin Zucchero, SBI a, 1996-02-23, DE/AU
CH Regina v. Nednil, SBI a
Sofie's Lady Jenny, SBI n, DK/- EC Sofie's Grand Benny, SBI n, 1990-03-16, DK/-
GIC Giovanna's Palmira Jane, SBI a, 1990-04-03, IT/-

EC Vikugna v. Achor, SBI n 21

EC Fendi v. Achor DM, SBI n 21, 1998-08-04, CH/- EC Aljev v. Achor DM, SBI a, 1993-05-18, CH/- EC Wombat v. Achor, SBI n 21, 1991-03-12, CH/-
Jasmin de Plessis, SBI a
EC Fleur v.d. Bloemendaal DM, SBI h 21, 1996-04-16, NL/- IC Sebastian v. Kedgeree, SBI d, 1992-07-19
Kimberley v.d. Bloemendaal, SBI a 21, 1993-09-05, NL/-
IC Isis Fân It Syreja Hiem, SBI n, NL/- Grizzly v. Achor, SBI a, 1999-06-06, CH/- EC Aljev v. Achor DM, SBI a, 1993-05-18, CH/-
GIC Belladonna v. Achor DM, SBI n 21, 1994-09-16, CH/-
IC Dauphine Fân It Syreja Hiem, SBI n, NL/- Shwechinthe Nimbus, SBI c, 1989-04-12, UK/-
Nathaly Fân It Syreja Hiem, SBI n 21, 1991-04-14, NL/-

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